Full Kit Double & Double Red

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Full Body Kit Stripes cut from Avery, 3M or Hexis Wrapping Films with a matte or gloss finish. The body stripes are 150mm wide per stripe. The side stripes are 150mm high per stripe. The kit is supplied in panels for the body with application tape for easy application and a full vehicle length for the sides with application tape for easy application.

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Avery, 3M or Hexis Wrapping Films: 7-10 year cast pigmented vinyl films



Renderings: Renderings are for reference only. Colours and patterns may vary slightly from pictures, and outcome may vary depending on the vehicle and cutting and placement of the vinyl. This product is made to order and an exact colour match cannot be guaranteed if ordered in different batches.

Care: Please take good care of your wrap with the correct maintenance procedures. Wash regularly with a non abrasive, PH neutral cleaner and please do not let any residues or dirt sit on the vinyl for lengthy periods of time.

Warranty: Vinyl Manufacturer Warranty covers a 6 month fade resistant warranty on horizontal surfaces, and a 2 year fade resistant warranty on vertical surfaces. Please note that the warranty is only applicable if the correct after care is followed throughout the warranty period and the product is used for what it is intended.

* Kit Sizes made to fit most vehicle shapes and models.

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2.7m x 1.36m


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